Logo & Business Card Design

• Client: 福 For U
• Project: Design Logo & Business Card
• Website: www.fujewels.com
• Location: Shanghai, China

福 is pronounced fú. With 1.6 billion people speak Chinese as their first language, the meaning of “fortune” and “good luck” is simplified into this one character.

福 For U offers diamond and gemstone jewellery set in gold for the metropolitan woman. Their goal is to become the leading entry level luxury jewellery brand. They requested a redesign of their logo to have an equal balance of eastern & western styles with a clean and minimalistic feel.

Fu Jewels Logo

I kept the logo simple and modern with only the use of the pinyin fu. If you notice the left side elements, it can be separated into for, and can be read as fu – for – u.

I also created the concept of a mascot; the word bat 蝠 (fú) has the same symbolic meaning as the ideograph 福.

Fu jewels packaging

The business card is printed on matte cotton stock at 350gsm. The front consists of an off centered silver foil logo and the embossed mascot. The bat concave in, and extrudes out at the back.

FU Jewels Business Card
Fu Jewels Business Card Christina Chao


Fu Jewels Business Card Chen