Logo & Brand Identity Design

• Client: One Design Inc
• Project: Rebranding: Logo & Business Card
Location: Shanghai, China.

One Design Inc was founded in 2003, the architectural firm’s success derived from urban design and strategic planning. With new projects involving high-tech and spacial ideas, a change in the corporate image was required. One-Design-Inc_Logo
The logo and rebranding was designed inline to their philosophy: working on a range of scales, One Design aims to bring a fresh perspective to the connection between architecture and the environment. ‘We try to be suggestive, rather than dictatorial,’ says Bu Bing (Principle), ‘we’re uninterested in the stereotyped Chinese image,’ he adds. Thus the use of black lines seen on block plans are shaped to represent conceptual modern buildings.

One-Design-Inc_Logo Black

The distinct white complements the black logo and vice versa. The brand identity contains an iteration of thin slanted lines.

The business card contains an iteration of thin lines similar to floor plans.One-Design-Inc_Card-Front Guides

The QR code allows users to save efficiently the VR card information without having to type all the data.One-Design-Inc_Card-Back Guides