Game System & User Interface Design

• Client: Bosch Sensortec 
• Project: Sensor Controlled Interactive Gamification Experience
• Venue: CES Las Vegas, NV, USA.

“Roger” – a 3D animated character controlled by Bosch sensors while exploring a virtual world, created for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, 2015.

Watch the Bosch CES 2015 Roger Demonstration on Youtube:

Ten years after its foundation as a start-up, Bosch Sensortec has achieved the position as the leading global provider of innovative MEMS-based sensors and solutions in the consumer electronics market. Today, three out of four smart phones worldwide use Bosch Sensortec sensors, it’s total MEMS market size is worth $1.2 billion.

Bosch Sensortec provides inertial motion sensors such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, geomagnetic sensors and integrated combinations of these. In addition, Bosch Sensortec is the market leader in the environmental consumer sensor space, providing barometric pressure sensors, humidity sensors and integrated indoor air quality sensors.

Part of their product promotion is the presentation of their sensor’s capabilities during fair events. With this in mind, we created an interactive gamefication experience. The user interface and interaction design is simple, intuitive, portray positivity and quality.

We take the audience on a journey to a planet inside all the (mobile) hardware where components can be tested, a playground for infotainment. On the planet, we meet Roger, a 3D animated character, dressed in a sleek uniform space-suite in BOSCH colors. He reacts according to the circuit board connected with Bosch’s sensors.

Roger welcomes the audience to the Bosch Sensortec planet, which he explores together with the user. With the control device with Bosch Sensortec 9-Axis sensor, the user can control Roger’s orientation on the planet to explore its desert, forest and urban landscape. Challenges animate Roger to dance, pick apples or to find sunglasses. A sensor overlay is available, offering information to give the audience a better understanding of the hardware and functionality.

The aim was to demonstrate sensor KPIs in a professional manner with a good response time, accuracy and stability, while incorporating an eye-catching design, the visual quality of which stood out in global trade shows. The software was developed with the hardware in mind, in particular the environment sensor – it rains if the humidity gets high and Roger flies into the air if the pressure drops.

We collaborated with Bosch Sensortec engineers, 3D modelers, animators and Unity developers at Luxoom to create this app. I designed the game play, interface, user interactions and was in charge of quality control through extensive testing.