Food Stylist

• Client: Vigor & Sage GmbH.
• Project: Commercial Photography – Marketing for Pet Food.
Location: Shanghai, China.

VIGOR & SAGE is a new global premium pet food brand for cats and dogs. Recently evolved from Bridge PetCare (and the company’s primary brand, NatureBridge – which now occupies the number one spot in China with annual sales of $80 million). Their approach is based on carefully researching and studying the history of the dietary habits of cats and dogs. At the same time, also examining the latest scientific research to create food containing only natural ingredients enriched with beneficial herbs.

Vigor & Sage was building their first marketing campaign for premium pet food in Europe. The company approached with a unique request: create a packaging for cat and dog food which must look delicious in human eyes! Traditional brands would print a photo of the pet and the finished product, we instead, delivered a dish to savour by showcasing the natural ingredients. Raw proteins (salmon, chicken & turkey) was used to combine with traditional Chinese herbs. In collaboration with the Germany marketing team and a photographer we completed the production within a week.

I was involved with sourcing the ingredients, preparing the raw meats and vegetables, as well as designing aesthetically pleasing dishes. The most difficulty part was carving a whole turkey, removing the skin/bone and trimming off the excess fat/tissue – it took an hour! In terms of design, it was challenging to mix the fresh and dried goods together whilst keeping the food looking new. Here’s some behind the scene shots:

Vigor&Sage-Julia       Vigor&Sage-Ming

Final packaging layout:


The original photos:

Vigor&Sage-03Vigor&Sage-08Vigor&Sage-07 Vigor&Sage-05Vigor&Sage-04